Diabetic Foot Symptoms

Wear comfortable shoes that fit your feet well, and socks that cushion your feet. Check inside your shoes for pebbles or other objects before putting them on, and make sure your socks don’t have seams that will rub against your feet. You can find additional information about diabetic foot problems at web sites sponsored by government agencies, professional societies and healthcare institutions. It should perhaps be noted that the World Wide Web is open to many sources posting questionable information and promises, and you are encouraged to seek information from established, reputable organizations.

Dr. Jaisom Chopra warns that the pus in the foot could be dangerous as it can quietly creep into the blood, marking one very sick, though the patient remain unaware that his or her life is in danger because of Sepsis (bacteria in the blood). Along with this may be present uncontrolled diabetes (blood sugars in 400s) and heart failure. In such circumstances, one should not resist hospital admission. The treatment available is urgent ICU admission, where Intra-venous antibiotics +vigorous control of your diabetes+ control of your heart failure are done on a war footing.diabetic foot sores

Another option for very hard to treat diabetic foot ulcers is known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This form of therapy increases the levels of oxygen in the blood in order to provide the best healing environment for the wound. This form of therapy has been known to help many people that have otherwise had no luck in healing their diabetic foot ulcer. It can cause decreased circulation to the feet. Reduced circulation to the feet means that vital nutrients and antibodies can’t reach the extremities to keep feet healthy and free of infection. Thus, diabetics will be more prone to foot ulcers due to the lack of good blood flow.

In addition to increased sugar levels, diabetics also tend to have high lipid concentrations in the blood. This produces the build up of plaque in the arteries, which results in poor circulation to tissues. Tissues depend on blood circulation for nutrients and oxygen to stay healthy and fight infections. Consequently, circulatory problems may not directly lead to ulcers on the feet, but exacerbates diabetic foot complications by creating a poor environment for wounds to heal. Ensure that shoes fit comfortably to avoid pressure to the feet. When buying shoes, a wide toe box is advised.diabetic foot problems

Article body (HTML version) Burning, tingling, and numbness in your toes and feet may be the first signs of diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy is a dysfunction of nerves and is commonly seen in the hands and feet. Short Description Diabetic neuropathy is a severe disease of the nerves, usually in the feet and can cause severe pain. This article explains the causes of the problem and what one should do abut it. Diabetic foot pain has been attributed to neuropathy. But sometimes if you are neuropathic, i.e. not feeling anything, then why do you still get foot pain?

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